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Here is my feedback page, if anyone would care to leave any ^_^


Review of Bodyline L310 Dress in Black

Hello ● 3●
This is is my first review, so bear with me!

When I was considering this dress, I could not find any reviews online, so here is one for future buyers (even though it's pretty much sold out ATM)

Soooo the order was typical. I opted for the cheap shipping, so it took about 2 weeks and arrived in the grey bag. A few nicks, but no damage to the actual products.

The packaging.

When I opened it, I was shocked. I totally thought that the white bib part would be cotton or something, but it's the same material as the rest of the dress. Speaking of which, the material is a sort of... velveteen?? It's not costume-y (I don't think...?) and it isn't crinkly or anything. It's just really short velvet (like each individual fuzz/hair is shorter that it would be on real velvet). Its almost like a felt in terms of texture . I guess that makes sense, since it's Bodyline after all, plus it only cost me $32 (in yen). It's not particularly problematic, but I was just surprised. Anyway, the bib thing threw me off quite a little, simply because I don't love the look of it. Lint and fuzzies of other color cling to it, but once again, not a huge deal. Also, I think this issue would be less apparent with, say, the pink version.

The lace is pretty decent.

The fit is pretty good. My bust is about 99-100cm, and it zipped up nicely. BUT! You can kind of see this in the stock picture, but it does NOT fit a petticoat!! At least, not a decent one. Even my costume store weak-a$$ petticoat made it look like a stuffed pillow. I am not sure what to do about this. Maybe I'll try altering my costume petti so that it is a little less concentrated? Sorry, no pictures of this effect but it's like... well, a pillow.

My final complaint is the waist ties. Like... they don't work. Sure, they look fine and they are even shaped like a little bow-tie. As I write that, I realize maybe that's how they need to be tied. I've been trying to tie them like normal waist ties, in a bow, but it just doesn't work. They're too short and thick and they don't slide past each other easily. I'll try tying them like a bowtie, but I still find this to be a negative about the dress.

please pardon my messy room!  *-*

In conclusion, this dress isn't that great. It isn't awful, but it's sub-par at best. I give it a 3/5, because it doesn't totally meet some lolita standards, but it's not a BAD dress if you wanted to wear it for otome or somehow get away with the skirt. It's also pretty warm, so good for winter.
Thanks for reading :>



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